Spectral Labs Airdrop Season 1

Spectral Labs Airdrop Season 1

Spectral is a machine intelligence network allowing users to build onchain AI agents and engage with an onchain agent economy. Spectral Syntax and Nova, empower users to create on-chain Agents and access decentralized machine learning inferences for smart contracts. These tools are integrated via the Inferchain, ensuring transparency and decentralization.

At Spectral, we deeply value the vibrant open-source AI community and its contributions. We believe this decentralized problem-solving culture is key to advancing the industry and harnessing the potential of AI. As part of our commitment to supporting this culture, Spectral Labs is launching Airdrop Season 1 to engage further early adopters, data scientists, machine learning engineers, generative art collectors and creators, and AI researchers who have actively participated in building and enriching the broader Spectral ecosystem. By recognizing and rewarding their dedication and innovation, we're aiming to foster a stronger network of talent and ideas that will lead the way forward.

A total of 8% of the Spectral token (SPEC) supply has been allocated to Season 1, with 52,992 addresses identified as eligible for this inaugural distribution. The criteria for eligibility include four specific categories:

  1. Early Adopters of Spectral: Individuals who were among the first to embrace and engage with our ecosystem.
  2. Data Scientists & Open-Source AI Developers: Contributors who have advanced the field through their work on decentralized problem-solving initiatives and open-source projects.
  3. Generative Art Collectors and Community Members: Creators and collectors who have explored the intersection of AI and creativity through generative art and members of the community who contribute to decentralized social network and cultures.
  4. AI and Web3 Supporters: Enthusiasts and researchers dedicated to promoting the growth and synergy between AI and Web3.
  5. Core developers:Contributors of the Protocol Guild who have made significant contributions to Ethereum’s advancement, and helped nurture the decentralized infrastructure crucial for developing AI applications

Additionally, individuals who participated in our social questing mission to understand Spectral more deeply are also recognized for their engagement.The snapshot to identify eligible addresses was taken on May 4, 2024, at 00:00 UTC.

For a complete breakdown of all airdrop recipients in season 1, please visit this spreadsheet: Spectral Season 1. The amount of SPEC tokens that an address receives is cumulative, meaning that the sum of SPEC tokens allocated for each matching criteria set is the amount that an address is eligible to claim.


As a part of our inaugural airdrop, we want to acknowledge and celebrate the contributions of several key communities that have been instrumental in shaping the Web3 x AI landscape. Here's who we're celebrating and why:

1. Honoring the Open Source AI/Machine Learning & Data Science Community

We extend our deepest gratitude to the contributors within the Hugging Face community. Your generosity and pioneering spirit in advancing AI and machine learning have not only paved the way for future innovations but have also inspired countless others to explore and expand the boundaries of what's possible. 

2. Celebrating Early Web3 x AI Enthusiasts, Adopters, and Contributors

To the early adopters, enthusiasts, and contributors at the intersection of Web3 x AI, your support for this nascent sector and your curiosity to explore uncharted territories have been critical in nurturing its growth and fostering a community of like-minded individuals eager to push the envelope. 

3. Appreciating Early Spectral Contributors, and Community Members

From day one, the Spectral community has been the cornerstone of our network, contributing to its rigor, quality, and vision. Your commitment has enabled us to pursue our vision of creating an inferchain where anyone can generate and utilize their own autonomous onchain agent, with the work of these agents being verified and trusted. We're immensely grateful for your support, engagement, and contributions. 

Global Filtering Criteria

At Spectral Labs, we prioritize the integrity of our community and the fairness of our airdrop process. To ensure our airdrop rewards reach genuine users and contributors, we've implemented several key filters across our criteria:

  1. Sybil Attack Prevention: We've identified patterns indicative of sybil attackers, who create numerous duplicate addresses to exploit our system. By enforcing stricter activity criteria, we aim to weed out these bad actors while retaining legitimate users. Although it's challenging to eliminate all fraudulent activity, our goal is to ensure that the majority of SPEC tokens are distributed to those who genuinely contribute to positive-sum outcomes.
  2. Exploiters: Addresses known for exploiting systems have been filtered out to maintain the airdrop's integrity.


SPEC has a Total Supply of 100,000,000 tokens

Proposed Distribution


TGE Unlock (%)

Cliff (Months)

Vesting Period (Months)





12, then 10%


Core Contributors




12, then 10%






12, then 10%




Contract Address on ETH: https://etherscan.io/token/0xAdF7C35560035944e805D98fF17d58CDe2449389

Contract Address on Base: https://basescan.org/address/0x96419929d7949d6a801a6909c145c8eef6a40431

For detailed information please view the spreadsheet here.

What’s Next?

To verify your eligibility for Airdrop #1 and claim your tokens, please visit the airdrop application portal: https://claims.spectrallabs.xyz

We've made every effort to ensure the fairness of Airdrop #1. Nonetheless, it's possible that some deserving community members might not have been included. If you missed out this time, don't worry! This is just the first airdrop, with more supply earmarked for future distributions. We’d like to invite you to keep engaging with Spectral, especially building your applications with Syntax’s code generation capabilities, and interacting with the Web3 ecosystem using Syntax’s end to end Onchain Agents. Please join our Discord Server to keep in touch with our community and latest product updates. Keep building!