Celebrating Women's History Month

Spotlight on three tremendous Spectral staffers during Women's History Month: Margarita Kirakosyan, Dima Durah, and Laney Ching.

Celebrating Women's History Month

One of the delights of Women’s History Month is the opportunity it gives us to celebrate three superb Spectral staffers.

Senior Machine Learning Engineer Margarita Kirakosyan

Margarita Kirakosyan brings expertise in actuarial science and machine learning to Spectral. Here’s what some of her colleagues had to say about her:

“Margarita is our reliable data dictionary and the go-to source for all things MACRO Score.” — Sishir Varghese, Spectral’s CEO.

“In three words, ‘earnest, detail-oriented, and integral.’” — Kevin Choi, Spectral co-founder.

“Margarita is super helpful when it comes to getting random data science ideas to come to life, so she puts up with my 'idea guy' madness even though my ideas don’t always pan out.” — Karl Torman, community lead.

“She’s an incredible colleague who constantly elevates the work done by the data science team. Her technical ability and deep understanding of data-driven applications enable all major projects on the data science team, including multichain support for credit scoring and new risk forecasting tools.” — Zane Peycke, machine learning engineer.

“Her dedication and passion towards learning about the technical intricacies of crypto transactions, in general, and DeFi in particular, not to mention almost single-handedly taking over, understanding, refining, and perfecting our feature engineering pipeline.” — Asad Mumtaz, data science lead.

Strategic Partnerships Manager Dima Durah

Dima Durah is Spectral’s strategic partnerships manager. She’s one of the founding members of FTWDAO, holds Masters of business administration and innovation degrees from Technische University Berlin and the University of Twente, and has an impressive array of experience in business development and marketing from SAP, and several other startups.

“Dima is passionate and team-oriented. Her energy is contagious to the entire team” — Sishir Varghese.

“She’s a wonderful colleague and effortlessly introduces a flood of new and exciting ideas into every conversation I’ve had with her.” — James McGirk, content lead.

“Dima, I’d describe as having contagious enthusiasm, a terrific collaborator, and incredibly adaptive.” — Haig Douzdjian, product lead.

Visual Designer Laney Ching

Laney Ching is a visual designer who joined the Spectral team in November 2022, and since then she’s helped Spectral stand out with a unique visual signature and has spearheaded the Spectral brand’s next evolution. She joins us from Washington University of Saint Louis and internships at Adalo and Dolls Kill.

“Laney is our creative genius who can translate a multitude of different requests into beautiful visualizations.” — Sishir Varghese.

“Always a delight seeing what Laney creates for our blog. Her illustrations are almost magical – she breathes life into abstract financial concepts and manages to elevate every single blog post into something that looks like it ran in a monthly glossy during the golden age of business magazines.” — James McGirk.

“Laney is a fantastic team player; we are fortunate to have her on our team. Her background in computer science, her passion for product, her interest in branding, and her inner talent for graphical design make her a one-of-a-kind visual designer.” — Luca Vento Jorge, CMO.