Spectral partners with Nexandria to enhance Blockchain Data Exploration

Spectral partners with Nexandria to enhance Blockchain Data Exploration

Spectral is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Nexandria, aimed at providing a seamless and cohesive user experience for onchain data queries through an intuitive chat interface. This collaboration is designed to deliver reliable data and accurate responses to our users.

Nexandria is an intelligent data platform that provides real-time, historical, and filterable blockchain data & insights (e.g. deep event logs, portfolio statement balances, token balances & transfers) at blazing speeds, high reliability, and viable unit economics. The Nexandria API empowers builders and market participants to improve dApp performance while driving down the time and cost to maintain core processes.

Enhanced Capabilities with Nexandria

Nexandria offers a comprehensive suite of cross-chain insights, including:

  • Timeseries of Balance: A detailed balance graph over time, covering all tokens.
  • Statement Reports: Exhaustive reports of all token transfers.
  • Social Graph Analysis: In-depth details on social interactions.
  • Token Movement Analysis: Insights into top token movements per block by fiat value.

These advanced features are currently being integrated into Spectral's Onchain Explorer agent, significantly enhancing its capability to provide accurate and relevant data through a user-friendly chat interface.

SYNTAX Onchain Explorer: Leveraging Nexandria's Insights

The SYNTAX Onchain Explorer by Spectral is designed to address the complexities of blockchain data exploration by integrating various services and enabling natural language queries for seamless EVM blockchain navigation.

By incorporating the advanced data capabilities of Nexandria, the Onchain Explorer ensures a cohesive user experience that simplifies data retrieval and analysis. If you haven't tried it yet, start chatting with SYNTAX Onchain Explorer.

A Unified Approach to Blockchain Data

Integrating Nexandria's platform with SYNTAX Onchain Explorer demonstrates our commitment to delivering precise and relevant data efficiently. This partnership enhances our platform’s ability to help users navigate blockchain data effortlessly, making complex information easily accessible and understandable.

We are excited about the opportunities this partnership with Nexandria brings and look forward to continuing to innovate and enhance the SYNTAX user experience.