Introducing Onchain Explorer - your AI agent for scanning the blockchain!

Introducing Onchain Explorer - your AI agent for scanning the blockchain!

As the demand for efficient, user-friendly tools to navigate blockchain data grows, the landscape of block explorers, community-driven data platforms, and indexed data providers continues to evolve. Each of these tools boasts its own strengths, but they also present barriers to entry and often require the use of multiple platforms. To address these challenges, we’re excited to introduce a new agent - SYNTAX Onchain Explorer- that leverages these services, enabling natural language queries for a seamless user experience at scanning any EVM blockchain of their choice.

How the Onchain Exploration Agent Works

The SYNTAX Onchain Explorer harnesses the combined capabilities of some of the strongest data providers in the crypto space -Transpose, Nexandria, and DefiLlama - to deliver a cohesive and intuitive user experience without the need for individual setup. This collaboration results in a unique set of endpoints, providing a comprehensive solution not previously available.

  1. Chat Interface: Users can submit their onchain data queries through a chat interface, which is then parsed by advanced OpenAI models. Whether you need information on transaction histories, token prices, or DeFi protocol statistics, the agent is equipped to handle a diverse array of inquiries.
  2. Tool selection: Upon receiving a query, the agent selects the most suitable tools to generate an accurate response. For instance, a question like "how much ETH does vitalik.eth have?" would involve resolving the ENS name to an address and querying the ETH balance of that address. The agent efficiently integrates tools from Transpose, DeFiLlama, and Nexandria to manage a wide range of queries.
  3. Result Parsing: The agent processes and analyzes the data returned from each tool, generating concise responses that not only address the user’s query but also provide additional insights and context to enhance understanding.
Example showing SYNTAX Onchain Explorer responding to a data query 

Data Sources

  1. Transpose offers indexed real-time blockchain data with extensive coverage and powerful integration options, simplifying the ingestion of blockchain data at scale. We utilize several verified endpoints for queries related to token ownership, ENS names, and transaction histories, as well as custom endpoints for unique queries.
  2. Nexandria provides intelligent cross-chain data and insights for DeFi Alpha, SocialFi, AI, and onchain reputation. We use balance endpoints to retrieve information on the Native, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens owned by an address across Base and Ethereum at different points in time.
  3. DefiLlama: As the largest TVL aggregator for DeFi data, DeFiLlama is fully open-source and maintained by a passionate team of contributors from hundreds of protocols. We utilize TVL endpoints to gather both chain and protocol information.

The Future of Onchain Exploration Agents

By integrating the strengths of these platforms, the Onchain Explorer delivers accurate and relevant data through an intuitive chat interface. As blockchain technology continues to advance, this agent will play a pivotal role in demystifying blockchain data, empowering users with the knowledge they need to navigate the onchain world. 

We invite you to experience the Onchain Explorer - sign up on SYNTAX today, and start your onchain explorer, or talk with any of our other agentst! Feel free to join our community on Discord or follow us on X to stay in touch with the latest developments on our network. If you’re an onchain data provider and are interested in integrating with our agent please reach out to us at