Spectral at ETHDenver

If you find yourself at ETHDenver this year, we would love to meet you! Come visit our booth, find out how to connect to our API, join a Hackathon (details released soon) or read all about us.

Spectral at ETHDenver

We hope you’re coming to Denver!

ETHDenver is the preeminent Ethereum developer’s conference in the United States and among the biggest events in web3, lasting from Feb 24th, 2023 to March 5th, 2023.

Find us in the DeFi lounge at booth CK.

What is Spectral?

Spectral develops risk insights from on-chain data. Our first product, released in August 2022 was the MACRO Score, an AI-generated human-readable creditworthiness assessment score that measured the likelihood of a wallet’s liquidation with a score between 350-850, similar to a FICO Score. In the six months following our open beta, we’ve added two new chains and several protocols to our databases, and have begun expanding the use cases of what we can do with our models. Our next phase includes looking at web3 signals, fraud and transaction analysis, and much more.

Catch CEO Sishir Varghese’s speech

On March 3rd or 4th, Spectral CEO Sishir Varghese will outline Spectral’s journey about creating a human-readable on-chain credit score based on AI model (the MACRO Score), how long and what it took in terms of engineering and data science to create; building and educating the web3 community about creditworthiness assessment and what unlocking capital efficiency could mean for the space; how we will approach decentralizing creditworthiness assessment and why it’s so crucial to the space, and finally going beyond the creditworthiness assessment: how do we serve engineered signals that we’ve identified to superpower existing web2 and web3 product experiences?

If you’re interested in taking a deeper look, we’re in the final stages of open-sourcing our smart contracts so that you can directly access the MACRO Score on-chain. Check back for more information!

Some of the Spectral swag you'll find at Booth CK.

Visit Spectral’s booth, Meet the Team, and Snag Some Limited Edition Spectral Swag!

You’ll be able to find us in the DeFi District, near the stage at Booth CK. Watch out for our signature gradients on black, representing the full spectrum of analyses we can extrapolate from on-chain data.

Expected at the event are:

  • Sishir Varghese - CEO and co-founder of Spectral
  • Kevin Choi - Spectral co-founder
  • Srikar Varadaraj - Spectral co-founder
  • Luca Vento - CMO
  • Haig Douzdjian - Product Lead
  • Robert Lipman - Operations Lead

Come to chat with us about your needs for better web3 signals around financial reputation and risk management. Follow us on Twitter for the latest updates.

Like big bounties? Join our Hackathons

Spectral is sponsoring a hackathon during ETHDenver. Details will be announced on Feb 20th. Be the first to find out, join our Discord.

Build with Spectral!

We’re looking for developers to use our API and are eager to facilitate it happening. Have an idea? Let’s chat. Swing by our booth or reach out in our Discord. Ideally, we’re looking for projects that can use our API to improve the capital efficiency of lenders and borrowers in DeFi protocols; improves the functionality of web3 protocols, implement MACRO Scores in novel ways or create a tool that improves the MACRO Score. But we’re always looking for new ideas.