Introducing the Spectronauts Program

See the future of finance and want to go deeper? Become a Spectronaut. Get special rewards, training, and early access to features and other benefits by leading our online community.

Introducing the Spectronauts Program

Are you passionate about the future of finance? Wonder about the frontiers of what is possible with crypto? The Spectronauts program aims to build, nourish and grow Spectral's community. Read about the first ten pioneers, what the program is looking for and what it offers a potential Spectronaut, merch, and much more!  

Our Mission: Decentralizing Credit Scoring

Our mission at Spectral is to make credit scoring a publicly accessible network. We’ll get there using distributed credit-risk modeling and adhering to the following three principles:

  • Decentralization of Power: We believe risk infrastructure should be a publicly accessible good powered by an open network of contributors.
  • Credible Neutrality: We believe on-chain credit assessment must retain the integrity features of the underlying data.
  • Economic empowerment: We believe DeFi and Web3 at large, must become a vehicle for economic empowerment for all and not just entrenched capital.

What We're Looking For in this Program

Essentially we want to put the Spectral community at the forefront of our efforts to decentralize credit scoring and experiment with new on-chain risk insights products. During our pilot program, our aim is to:

  • Improve Spectral's community onboarding,
  • Improve Spectral's community engagement, and
  • Collaborate on new initiatives and discover new paths forward.

We identified three archetypes important for building a community, using 1k(x)network’s Roles within a Community Setting as a guide.

The Three Roles

Think of them as shorthand for clusters of skills we need to build up a community. Explorers “map uncharted land and have ‘crazy’ ideas.” They tend to have strong experimentation and networking skills, the ability to navigate ambiguity, the ability to build relationships, and are patient and optimistic. Settlers form the operational backbone of a community, they take ‘crazy ideas’ that are half-baked, repackage and execute them. They keep the machine running. Architects combine traits of both settlers and explorers, they’re often project managers and are conscientious and driven by optimization.

To keep a community running you need all three. Does this sound like you? We’re looking for a commitment of approximately ten or more hours a week and would focus on three main areas:

  • Onboarding: Do you remember what it was like to join our community? Help us bring new community members into the fold by guiding them to onboarding resources, helping them find roles, and translating materials.
  • Engagement: We need peacemakers, great listeners, chatterboxes, and bug smashers! We’re looking for people who can deal with disagreements tactfully and decisively, who can help protect our community from spammers and scammers, who get the word out about Spectral’s initiatives big and small, and who encourage conversation between members. We are also running some incredible new initiatives to dogfood our products in our Discord Server!
  • And beyond… the larger and better connected our community becomes, the more we’ll be able to do. We’d love to see what you can do with Spectral.

Responsibilities and Rewards of Being a Spectronaut

Besides getting to know the community and the Spectral team intimately, Spectronauts will have the opportunity to participate in (or lead) workshops, learning sessions, and special office hours. You’ll receive training in community management and be the first to access exclusive bounties. There will also be events, opportunities to weigh in on product development and feedback interviews, and first dibs on Spectral swag!


Meet our Founding Spectronauts

The first ten Spectronauts have already been announced. We’re looking to expand the program in 2023 and if you have the “right stuff,” we’re looking for you! Our Spectronauts come from Russia, China, the Ukraine, the United States, Canada, and beyond, and come to us with skills ranging from corporate law to translation to hardware encoding! We’re proud to have them onboard and can’t wait to see what we can all achieve together.

Join the Movement: Become a Spectronaut Today

Join the Team: Discover the Exciting Seasons Planned for 2023 as a Spectronaut

Join the Spectronaut Community Program and help decentralize credit scoring, shape the future of credit scoring, and make a difference as you learn new skills, participate in exclusive online and in-person events and workshops, provide feedback on product development, and access exclusive bounties and Spectral swag.