Teller begins incorporating Spectral MACRO Scores

Lending platform Teller will begin incorporating Spectral MACRO Scores into their creditworthiness assessment.

Teller begins incorporating Spectral MACRO Scores

Teller begins using Spectral's MACRO Scores on their lending platform to better understand users and more efficiently use capital.

On May 10th, 2023 lending platform Teller began incorporating Spectral Finance’s MACRO Scores into their on-chain lending platform, joining Cred Protocol and Quadrata Passport to offer more transparency for lenders and borrowers on their system.

“We’re excited to partner with Teller,” says Spectral CEO Sishir Varghese. “With their versatile lending and loan terms and the accuracy of Spectral’s MACRO Score lenders and borrowers will have more insight and options than ever before.”

Teller, which is live on both the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains, is a decentralized lending application that allows users to lend and borrow any crypto asset using time-based liquidation. They also provide liquidity insights into wallet probability which in turn allows yields above money market rates. That’s where Spectral’s MACRO Score comes in.

Credit assessment on Teller.

Historically, peer-to-peer lending has been difficult. Counterparty risk, the worry that the other side of a transaction will refuse to fulfill their obligation, for example, by refusing to repay a loan is a serious concern and most on-chain lenders require collateral in excess of funds borrowed which is capitally inefficient and promotes inequality.

The on-chain MACRO Score, created by Spectral Finance, is a human-readable index of a wallet’s probability of liquidation. A score between 300-850 is generated from a constantly evolving machine-learning model that incorporates eight years of Ethereum data, five years of DeFi transactions, and over 138 unique features arranged in seven wallet factors.

The MACRO Score can help lenders like Teller segment pools into different interest rates, income limits, and other criteria and help provide transparency for both sides of a transaction.

Find out for yourself how Teller and Spectral are making DeFi lending and borrowing faster, easier, and fairer than ever before.